On Becoming a Girl

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Girl children who display a strong instinctive nature often experience significant suffering in early life. From the time they are babies, they are taken Captive, domesticated, told they are wrongheaded and improper. Their wildish natures show up early. They are curious, artful, and have gentle eccentricities of various sorts, ones that, if developed, will constitute the basis for their creativity for the rest of their lives. Considering that the creative life is the soul’s food and water, this basic development is excruciatingly critical.

The above excerpt is from the book, “Women Who Run with the Wolves.”

For decades I felt wrong being a girl. This is partly due to how I was perceived and how girls, in general, are expected to present. Add mental health challenges to that and I am expected to hide from everything.

And I did.

I hid for years until hiding was no longer comfortable.

As I step into myself and begin my healing journey, I am clear on one thing — I no longer want to be anything that I ain’t.

My highest value is freedom - Mental and psychological freedom. And my job this whole Mental Health Awareness month and beyond is to heal myself and help others (especially children) do the same.

It is a long road and I am here for the ride.

I wrote a long as* post earlier and as I cut it to paste in Grammarly then copied another piece of information which led to losing the entire post. I didn’t want to miss posting today so I forced myself to type this. Perhaps that post wasn’t ready. I will power through it another day.




Writer, Reader and Speaker of Words - I write to explore my inner world and help others on the path #self-healing

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Ese Walter

Ese Walter

Writer, Reader and Speaker of Words - I write to explore my inner world and help others on the path #self-healing

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